Monday, June 16, 2014

Mushroom Hunting

This year we took the kids out mushroom hunting.  This was Hoyt's first time hunting for mushrooms.  The kids did great.  They enjoyed being outside and in nature.  We probably went out for over 2 hours of constant walking through very steep hills and thorn bushes and the kids never complained....not even once!!!!!  WE didn't even get very many mushrooms, only like 20 of them.  But, the kids still had fun!!!  They were definitely troopers!!! 

Kali's Softball Season

Kali improved so much in her quick little softball season.  Due to the spring weather, they only had 2 1/2 practices and only 5 games.  This was Kali's first year playing with all girls (1st and 2nd graders).  The coach pitches the ball, they went through the entire batting line-up, and the girls can get out. 

Kali was able to hit the ball every time from the coach pitching the ball.  She never had to use the T-ball.  She also improved in fielding.  She had a little trouble playing First base one inning and instead of paying attention to the throw she was paying attention to the runner and the fielder made a perfect throw for Kali to catch....if she had been watching the ball.....however since she wasn't, the ball hit her right in the eye!!!  Kali was tough and had a few tears, but once we put some ice on it, she was back in the game so that she could hit!!!

All the girls improved a lot this season!!! We can't wait for next season!!! :)

Kali is back/top row, second girl from the left!

Like her Purple/Black/White Zebra print socks!!! :)

Kali is bottom row firt girl on the right!  This was the last game of the season!!!

We are so proud of you, Kali!!  Great Job this season!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hoyt's Birthday 4/18/2014

Hoyt's actual Birthday was on Good Friday. Hoyt was so excited that we were going to go to Grandpa's farm to celebrate.  Hoyt loves going to Grandpa Holub's farm to see the cows, especially his favorite cow named Junior, the sheeps, and watching old Western's with Gpa and Great Uncle Gary.  Chalk it up to one of Hoyt's favorite things to do!!!  He loves being one of the boys!!! :)

Junior is in the above picture!

Hoyt used to be scared of sheep, now he is a BIG boy!!!

I love the above picture with Hoyt and Dad!
Kali didn't go to the farm with us. Aunt Tasha invited her over to spend the night.  Nash loved Kali....Tasha said he couldn't get enough of her!!!

Kali reading Nash a book!!

Aunt Tasha painted Kali's nails and toes!!  A true sleepover wouldn't be the same without a mani/pedi!
Everyone had a great time!!!  Next post will be about Easter.  I know I'm waaaayyy behind. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hoyt's 4th Birthday Party

We celebrated Hoyt's 4th Birthday on Sunday April 13th, since his actual birthday was April 18th (Good Friday).  That Sunday it rained and rained, I think we got like 5 inches of rain that day, so good thing we had it at the CP Library, like we normally do. 

Hoyt's theme this year was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!! He loves TMNT that is for sure!!!
Hoyt is looking sooooo BIG!!!  Hard to believe he is 4 years old!!! 

Grandma Dolores made/decorated Hoyt's TMNT Birthday Cake.  She did a wonderful job.  Hoyt loved it...and it tasted yummy too!!!  Thanks Grandma!!!

Hoyt and many of his boy cousins plus Kali!!!


Hoyt showing off his Iowa Hawkeyes Wrestling Singlet that we got him!!!  Doesn't he look adorable!!!  I think Daddy was pretty excited!!!

Make a wish!!!

Austin was my buddy that day!!!

The TMNT BIG Wheel was a BIG HIT!!!

Hoyt and Gma Roseberry!!!

Baby Nash!!!  I guess he isn't a baby anymore.  He looks so grown up!!!

Hoyt received so many wonderful gifts from his wonderful family!!!  Thank you guys so much!!!  We know how busy everyone is, so it is nice that people can make the time to help Hoyt celebrate his special day!!!  WE LOVE YA, BUDDY!!! Happy Birthday!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Visit to the Easter Bunny

On Saturday April 12, we went to Fross Park to see the Easter Bunny and hunt for Easter eggs that was put on by the Center Point Lions.  This is the first time we have ever gone where the Lions had it outside.  It turned out to be a really nice morning/afternoon but it was super windy....however we weren't complaining.  It definitely is better than 30/40 degree weather which we have been having a lot of!

The kids took pictures by the Easter Bunny.  It was funny after seeing the Easter Bunny, Hoyt said, "Mom, that Easter Bunny is not real.  I could see the Easter Bunny's shoes."  LOL  He was very observant.  The Easter Bunny was actually our Dentist, but I didn't tell Hoyt that.

Hoyt and Avery.  Avery is Hoyt's "Girlfriend" from Preschool.  He likes tall blonds! :)

Kali with her friend Mia from school.

Many of the daycare kids were also visiting the Easter Bunny so we all took a picture together!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!!!
Next post will be Hoyt's 4th Birthday party!!!

Kali learning to ride her bike with no training wheels!!

Kali couldn't wait until spring, so she could ride her new bike with no training wheels.  We practiced the first time on March 31st for a little bit and she was doing good.  Then after her field trip on April 7th, we practiced again.  She is doing very well, just needs to work on her steering.  However, the practice got cut short because her chain came off for the second time and I wasn't able to fix it and Daddy was at work selling cars.

Watch to the very end, you can hear Hoyt screaming at then end of the driveway.  Obviously, Hoyt doesn't trust Kali's ability to not hit him! ;)

The video didn't upload very well, so your not getting the full effect.  It is just taking pieces of the video.  I guess, I'm technically challenged.

Kali's First Grade Field Trip

On Monday April 7th, I went with Kali on her field trip to the Iowa's Children Museum in Coralville.  We had a great time.  The kids had so much fun.  That was my first time going there.  We will definitely be taking both Kali and Hoyt this winter for a fun activity.

On the bus, ready to go!!!

Goofying around after eating lunch!!

Avery, Kali, and Maya were the kids I helped chaperon! They were in a hot air balloon!

Getting some groceries!  I wish I had that much fun at the grocery store!! :)

Not sure the girls name on the left, but Lilly, Kali and Zoey in the grocery/flower shop.

We sent the above picture to Sissy.  Future flower shop helper!!!  She definitely looks the part!


Kali, Maya, and Avery playing in the theater area after making their beautiful crowns in the art room!

Kali's class!  We had an amazing day!